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Wheels have a way of letting us know they need our attention. Wheels with a flat spot will constantly nag us with a steady and rhythmic thumping on every rotation.

Insane in the Membrane

Albert Einstein is credited with defining insanity in a unique way. He said, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

We repeatedly punch that key on the keyboard when the computer won’t do what we want it to do, but the results are always the same. It’s like we think that the maybe the computer just didn’t understand us the first time so surely if we hit it again and again that will fix it. Are we insane? Maybe, but that’s how we think sometimes.

The thing is, there’s a reason why it’s not going according to our expectations. With computers it’s usually an open dialog box we weren’t aware that was open. We punch a key and the computer responds with a chime saying, “No! give me my answer first!” No matter how many times we punch the key we will not get what we want until we give the computer what it wants first.

Computers 1 Humans 0

This behavior is not restricted to our relationship with computers. It extends to people and about any other aspect of our life we encounter. It’s born out of frustration. There is a micro-second sense of accomplishment we get. It’s the fact that we are taking an action. After all, we have learned by experience that we can make the elevator come faster by pushing the button multiple times…right?

That sense of frustration should be a signal to our brains, what we are doing is not working.

Everyday there are signals we receive and ignore…perhaps subconsciously before the frustration sets in. In our world, wheels need to be perfectly round with their full structural integrity for them to work properly.

Wheels have a way of letting us know they need our attention. Wheels with a flat spot will constantly nag us with a steady and rhythmic thumping on every rotation. Remember that shopping cart you selected that had a bad wheel. A wheel might need an unusual amount of force to get started or it move properly. In extreme cases, it might not even move at all.

In our world a wheel that doesn’t work properly can wear us out and can increase costs unnecessarily.

We are funny sometimes. We have a deep sense of accommodation and a “go with the flow mentality.” We don’t want to stop what we are doing so if possible, we will find a work around.

Fixing a wheel when the problem is first starting is key. Don’t succumb to accommodating the issue. Address it. You will be glad you did. Your family will thank you and your body will thank you.

Stop the insanity! Listen to your wheels. They are sending you a message… “Call Midsouth Casters & Equipment.”  Here’s the number 1-800-264-6809