Why are hand trucks important for your business? Hand trucks help workers transport heavy loads efficiently and without injuring themselves. They are often used in industrial facilities, hospitals, restaurants and many other businesses, as well as at home. Consider these five benefits of using hand trucks:

  1. Even people who enjoy physical work may need help with heavy loads. Using a hand truck allows you to move more weight at a time. The weight is evenly distributed, which helps reduce the strain on your back, legs and arms. This means fewer injuries, such as muscle and joint problems, fewer worker’s compensation claims, and fewer work days lost.


  1. It may seem obvious, but in addition to reducing injuries, people who use hand trucks do not get as tired. Lifting and transporting heavy objects every day is exhausting. With a hand truck, it is far easier to transport heavy, or awkwardly shaped objects from place to place. Workers who are not physically exhausted are able to take on more tasks, accomplish more and increase productivity without the necessity of adding more employees.


  1. Many people picture a hand truck as an upright, stationary piece of equipment. That version is still popular, but today’s hand trucks transform in amazing ways. Think about the specific needs of your business. Do you need a traditional hand truck? How about a flat cart, or a model that folds up? This versatile piece of equipment can be adapted to meet your needs.



  1. Hand trucks are tough, like the work they are meant to do. They are built to last and rarely need repairs. Unlike technological equipment, which can quickly become outdated, the hand truck just keeps going without much fuss. That makes it a good, reliable investment for a company.


  1. Anyone who purchases equipment for a business will agree that the hand truck is affordable. Even for those on a limited budget, this equipment provides consistent, long-lasting benefits for an affordable cost.

Midsouth Caster & Equipment hand trucks can be customized to fit your needs. For more information contact us.