For someone new to moving heavy inventory, the risk of workplace injury is often intimidating. However, staying safe is not as nerve-racking as you might think. Here are 3 easy ways to avoid workplace injuries (that even experienced workers should keep in mind):


1: Don’t rush.

Always be fully prepared for a task. Often this means the difference between moving a box with your hands and grabbing a hand truck. A few extra seconds can easily save you weeks of muscle strain. For larger jobs the potential injuries are larger, but patience can greatly reduce these risks. Even if you’re comfortable with a task, never rush through it.

2: Know your materials.

Be it a fifty pound box across a room or a thousand pound pallet of food across a warehouse; know how much it weighs and how far it needs to go. Knowing whether you need a hand truck or pallet jack can save you time and strain, and will greatly reduce the risk of injury. This may seem like common sense, but even experienced workers can pull their backs by underestimating their materials!

3: Know your equipment.

Once you know the tools you need, always understand how to use them. A cart or platform may seem self-explanatory, but always take a second to read the technical manual of even the simplest tools. Often it won’t take long to read, and will guarantee that you are aware of any suggested precautions. Misunderstanding tools leads to workplace injury, while knowing your equipment will keep you safe.


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